Aravali case: 7 forest dept men in dock

CHANDIGARH: Indicating that the Aravali ecology is very much on its mind, the Haryana government has now initiated chargesheet proceedings against seven forest department officials, including two Indian Forest Services officers, in a 10-year-old plantation scam concerning the ravaged ranges.

The matter dates back to 1999 when the state vigilance bureau noticed irregularities in a soil conservation programme and indicted the officials. The forest department had implemented a project worth Rs 35 lakh and funded by European countries in the Aravali hills to conserve soil and construct check dams. “But a vigilance probe found that work hadn’t been done properly and there was embezzlement of Rs 14.9 lakh,” said P K Gupta, financial commissioner (forests), on Friday.

Moreover, the officials “continued work on the project despite the scheme coming to an end in October 1999, inviting financial implications for the state,” said sources. Gupta added, “Instructions for the chargesheet to be made out against the accused officials, including IFS officers S M Somashekhar and S S Sikriwal, have already been issued.”

Principal chief conservator S K Dhar said the Gurgaon conservator has been asked to also file a report in this regard. Others in the line of fire are Haryana Forest Services officers B S Gulia, Jile Singh and Umashankar (now retired), range officer Attar Singh Malik and accountant Dharmbir. Sources added all seven officers were posted in the Gurgaon forest range at that time.

Defending his role as then conservator of the Gurgaon range, Somashekhar said he had left Gurgaon in 2000 while the said payments were made in 2003-04. “I’m innocent and did not play any role in the payment for project implementation,” said Somashekhar, who is presently conservator, north.



  1. Maharchand

    Subject = COMPLAINT OF Wrong Reporting of Revenues Department / H.S.I.I.D.C Department and Forest Department , Infringement of Fundamental Right, Using Forest land for non forest purpose, Contempt of Court, Danger to the Environment / Green belt, H.S.I.I.D.C Being a Government Body Acting as Property dealer to Grab Prime land at Village Manger Agriculture belt Against Plans for European Technology Park at Village Manger Faridabad Haryana BY H.S.I.I.D.C .

    Respected Sir ,

    This is for your Kind attention / Notice/ Action that the Proposed European Technology Park at Village Manger which is planned to be developed H.S.I.I.D.C as a Sweet Equity 10 % share holder at the planning stage it self it is illegal and not feasible to do so by the following reason at Village Manger Faridabad Haryana :-

    1) Demarcation of Land Done By H.S.I.I.D.C Is wrong and hiding facts That the Area selected for

    a) The proposed commercial project includes old village establishments which are shown as agriculture land IN DEMARCATION OF H.S.I.I.D.C. Eg. Mustil No.174, 124, 125,126 , 152, 175,165,176,184,139 where there are Old Village House even as per Revenue Records and actual site

    b) That Some area in demarcation Include Area Which is notified Under Punjab land preservation Act as Per Supreme Court Of India and other State/Center Govt Notification Come Under Forest which cannot be used for Non Forest Purpose E.g. Part of Mustil No 174,124,115,114, 194 150 and other Mustil As once a Forest always a forest

    2) Infringement Of Fundamental Rights by :-

    a) That the Proposed European Technology park By H.S.I.I.D.C Land whish is to be taken Up is currently being Used as Houses of villagers and for there agriculture village Manger Only 10 % approx Only 450 acres is Fertile agriculture land where in which there are house of villagers , Agriculture , Herbal activity , Farm houses and Trees , Temples , Cow huts etc
    . In Village Manger 90% Of total area of village Manger is Gar Mumkin Pahar ( hills) which cannot be used for agriculture purposed non fertile land or for making houses , This Is Clear Infringement of fundamental right that the H.S.I.I.D.C cannot take land where there are
    1) Village Houses, Water wells etc
    2) Total Fertile land of the above said village
    3) Where people are living ,making there lively hood on above said 450 acre of land
    4) Where Agriculture are going on for the benefit of Environment , People
    5) Where trees are planted and Farm Houses Exists
    6) Where there are Temples , Cow Huts

    Leave forth non cultivable land EG. Area which is Gar Mumkin Pahar rest of village manger about 4500 acres
    If you want to start your project you should take the Area in Gar Mumkin pahar , For Benefit of Agriculturists, Environment , Forest , Villagers , Habitats etc and in interest of public

    b ) H.S.I.I.D.C cannot act as a property dealer for European Companys./other Companys and Acquire land for this project and hand it over to the company to make profits as this land has been kept by farms / owners for Centuries as they have rights to earn profits from this land , Secondly as it is no public purpose and clearly shows a conspiracy between H.S.I.I.D.C to acquire land at cheap price and hand it over to the company’s and make Agriculturists land less and Ruin there family’s from there profits, land and houses , If European Companies or any other company want to start this project in village Manger Agriculture belt they should directly negotiate with land owner as there is only 10% of total village land which can be used for agriculture , This is clear Infringement of fundamental rights and tact’s of land grabbing

    c)LAND GRAB = As Village Manger Faridabad is just on New-Delhi that to South Delhi Boundary and one side Gurgaon Dist , S.E.Z etc It is a very prime land. And has on its boundary Village Bandwari , Balola, Gwal Pahari where land Rate is going For Rs.1.5 crore to 5 Crore Per acre and in Delhi Rs.2.5 Crore to 7 crore acre even for argument Sake Villagers/Owners Cannot be offered less rate than the market/rate in next villages and without there prior approvals

    3) FOREST LAND = Part of this Proposed European Technology park land Is Forest Area as per Supreme Court Judgment M.C Mehta V/S U.O.I and Other Judgment of Supreme court and even approach road going to the Village Manger Valley is under Arralivy Plantation where no change can be done as per Supreme court of India and Ministry of Environment and Forest / State Department of Forest, which could amount to contempt of court , As also it will disturb the Green Buffer of N.C.R and Delhi ridge etc

    4) Environment Danger= For argument Sake if this project is ever Made in Village Manger Faridabad in the location where it is proposed now , it is actually a Valley surrounded by Hills which is FOREST AREA and Has about 1000000’s of trees , This project will create it into concrete Jungle instead of Green Jungle as about said project will have 459800 Sq Yr or 95acres of building, commercials , institute , villas etc WHICH IS NO GOOD FOR THE ENVIORMENT , TREES AND FOREST AREA .

    5) Making Us Job Less, Home Less , Future Less, Land Less = By Implementing The Above said project In Agriculture Belt Of Village Manger Faridabad by H.S.I.I.D.C will not even just take the fertile land from us but even our Homes which cannot be compensated in teams of money as buying a house Delhi or Faridabad is very costly and as H.S.I.I.D.C as trying to offer is Sweet Dreams for Job’s which are just Dreams because we people are not enough educated and tried for doing job to a maximum we will get employment as security guards in the project which we will get any where in haryana or Delhi without loosing our ancestral/purchased prime agriculture land and houses Kindly change the location of the project

    Sir we request you to kindly look into the matter and change the location of European Technology park from Village Manger Agriculture belt and to Save Enviroment , Villagers, there Houses / Owners, Greenery , Fundamental rights and see that H.S.I.I.D.C being a Government Body does NOT act as a property Dealer

    Sir Kindly See That There is NO Contempt of Supreme Court of India and OTHER LAWS

    Your Early reply on our complaint and suitable action highly appreciated

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