1. Maharchand

    Subject = COMPLAINT OF Wrong Reporting of Revenues Department / H.S.I.I.D.C Department and Forest Department , Infringement of Fundamental Right, Using Forest land for non forest purpose, Contempt of Court, Danger to the Environment / Green belt, H.S.I.I.D.C Being a Government Body Acting as Property dealer to Grab Prime land at Village Manger Agriculture belt Against Plans for European Technology Park at Village Manger Faridabad Haryana BY H.S.I.I.D.C .

    Respected Sir ,

    This is for your Kind attention / Notice/ Action that the Proposed European Technology Park at Village Manger which is planned to be developed H.S.I.I.D.C as a Sweet Equity 10 % share holder at the planning stage it self it is illegal and not feasible to do so by the following reason at Village Manger Faridabad Haryana :-

    1) Demarcation of Land Done By H.S.I.I.D.C Is wrong and hiding facts That the Area selected for

    a) The proposed commercial project includes old village establishments which are shown as agriculture land IN DEMARCATION OF H.S.I.I.D.C. Eg. Mustil No.174, 124, 125,126 , 152, 175,165,176,184,139 where there are Old Village House even as per Revenue Records and actual site

    b) That Some area in demarcation Include Area Which is notified Under Punjab land preservation Act as Per Supreme Court Of India and other State/Center Govt Notification Come Under Forest which cannot be used for Non Forest Purpose E.g. Part of Mustil No 174,124,115,114, 194 150 and other Mustil As once a Forest always a forest

    2) Infringement Of Fundamental Rights by :-

    a) That the Proposed European Technology park By H.S.I.I.D.C Land whish is to be taken Up is currently being Used as Houses of villagers and for there agriculture village Manger Only 10 % approx Only 450 acres is Fertile agriculture land where in which there are house of villagers , Agriculture , Herbal activity , Farm houses and Trees , Temples , Cow huts etc
    . In Village Manger 90% Of total area of village Manger is Gar Mumkin Pahar ( hills) which cannot be used for agriculture purposed non fertile land or for making houses , This Is Clear Infringement of fundamental right that the H.S.I.I.D.C cannot take land where there are
    1) Village Houses, Water wells etc
    2) Total Fertile land of the above said village
    3) Where people are living ,making there lively hood on above said 450 acre of land
    4) Where Agriculture are going on for the benefit of Environment , People
    5) Where trees are planted and Farm Houses Exists
    6) Where there are Temples , Cow Huts

    Leave forth non cultivable land EG. Area which is Gar Mumkin Pahar rest of village manger about 4500 acres
    If you want to start your project you should take the Area in Gar Mumkin pahar , For Benefit of Agriculturists, Environment , Forest , Villagers , Habitats etc and in interest of public

    b ) H.S.I.I.D.C cannot act as a property dealer for European Companys./other Companys and Acquire land for this project and hand it over to the company to make profits as this land has been kept by farms / owners for Centuries as they have rights to earn profits from this land , Secondly as it is no public purpose and clearly shows a conspiracy between H.S.I.I.D.C to acquire land at cheap price and hand it over to the company’s and make Agriculturists land less and Ruin there family’s from there profits, land and houses , If European Companies or any other company want to start this project in village Manger Agriculture belt they should directly negotiate with land owner as there is only 10% of total village land which can be used for agriculture , This is clear Infringement of fundamental rights and tact’s of land grabbing

    c)LAND GRAB = As Village Manger Faridabad is just on New-Delhi that to South Delhi Boundary and one side Gurgaon Dist , S.E.Z etc It is a very prime land. And has on its boundary Village Bandwari , Balola, Gwal Pahari where land Rate is going For Rs.1.5 crore to 5 Crore Per acre and in Delhi Rs.2.5 Crore to 7 crore acre even for argument Sake Villagers/Owners Cannot be offered less rate than the market/rate in next villages and without there prior approvals

    3) FOREST LAND = Part of this Proposed European Technology park land Is Forest Area as per Supreme Court Judgment M.C Mehta V/S U.O.I and Other Judgment of Supreme court and even approach road going to the Village Manger Valley is under Arralivy Plantation where no change can be done as per Supreme court of India and Ministry of Environment and Forest / State Department of Forest, which could amount to contempt of court , As also it will disturb the Green Buffer of N.C.R and Delhi ridge etc

    4) Environment Danger= For argument Sake if this project is ever Made in Village Manger Faridabad in the location where it is proposed now , it is actually a Valley surrounded by Hills which is FOREST AREA and Has about 1000000’s of trees , This project will create it into concrete Jungle instead of Green Jungle as about said project will have 459800 Sq Yr or 95acres of building, commercials , institute , villas etc WHICH IS NO GOOD FOR THE ENVIORMENT , TREES AND FOREST AREA .

    5) Making Us Job Less, Home Less , Future Less, Land Less = By Implementing The Above said project In Agriculture Belt Of Village Manger Faridabad by H.S.I.I.D.C will not even just take the fertile land from us but even our Homes which cannot be compensated in teams of money as buying a house Delhi or Faridabad is very costly and as H.S.I.I.D.C as trying to offer is Sweet Dreams for Job’s which are just Dreams because we people are not enough educated and tried for doing job to a maximum we will get employment as security guards in the project which we will get any where in haryana or Delhi without loosing our ancestral/purchased prime agriculture land and houses Kindly change the location of the project

    Sir we request you to kindly look into the matter and change the location of European Technology park from Village Manger Agriculture belt and to Save Enviroment , Villagers, there Houses / Owners, Greenery , Fundamental rights and see that H.S.I.I.D.C being a Government Body does NOT act as a property Dealer

    Sir Kindly See That There is NO Contempt of Supreme Court of India and OTHER LAWS

    Your Early reply on our complaint and suitable action highly appreciated

  2. milin kapoor

    It has become very clear, that HSIIDC is in fact, the property dealer for the political rule in Haryana, I have asked them for some info thru RTI, but no response so far. I am going to see this thru long term, I will visit the sites you marked and get back

    • Maharchand

      Ok milim , i saw yr msg , today . Good God bless , wat exacity u asked in the R.T.I and in wich department , u file a complant also in revenue departiment asking them abt there report send to H.S.I.I.D.C and after getting that report ask the revenue depaermtnet.. wat all is the agriculte area in village manger and hilly area , file a complaint in H.S.i.I.d.c , Ministrry of forest , forest deparment.. then they will move or else they will sleep over yr complaint. the ruleing party is still ok its not there fault , its the fault of Officers

  3. milin kapoor

    I have started an action plan with our new DC, he seems to be someone who actually sees the benefit of saving our hills from exploitation. We are trying to secure, rain water harvest and rekindle about 100 hectares of hills next to IMT Manesar. I sometimes am amazed as why our government does not take these initiatives as urgent.

    keep up thr effort, I sometimes lose hope

  4. Capt.Gill.

    15 to 20 years ago,I bought about 2.5 to 3.0 acres of farmland in Faridabad village Kotgaon which is registered in my name.and also got it registered in the tehsildars
    books This year I checked in the Tehsildar’s books, this land is in my name, I also got a new photocopies duely attested by him.
    My question is ” How do I get my land demarcated and take physical possesion, as no
    consolidation has taken place in this village ? ”
    Where should I file an RTI for consolidation information in Kotgaon/Faridabad ?
    What is the present status of this land ? Is it being acquired by the State ?
    All helpful suggestions and advice is welcome *** THANK YOU ***

  5. Pankaj

    I respect your arguments. But being a student of Economics, I personally have some other views on environment protection.
    Manger is very close to Gurgaon, S.Delhi and IGI Airport. Dont you think it is actually a very prime location where setting up of new IT Hubs or industry or even residential areas should not be stopped giving argument for environment protection. Obviously it is wrong government acquiring land for companies. In that, companies should buy the land at market prices only. But stopping such a project which will create so many jobs for our graduates and which will help in the growth of our country, is not feasible.
    Rather, the companies should be asked to plant trees in some other areas, which are far off from cities. As population is growing in our country, we need more and more space for residential purposes, we need more jobs to be created for which we need more and more of office space. Where will it come from otherwise.

    Summary.. 1.Such projects should not be stopped giving the argument of environment. Rather it should be imposed on companies to plant same number of trees at some other place, i.e.. CUT-ONE-PLANT-ONE strategy should be adopted.
    2.Government should not buy the land from the farmers. It should allow the companies to purchase the land from the farmers at market determined prices.

    I would like to face opposition as well as I may be wrong. These views are personal, please dont consider them as against people or individual of any specific area.

  6. milin kapoor

    Well, it has happened yet again in our so called democracy with rules made by the british, which our so called govt. servants use to their full benefit – section 4 on fertile land that is productive for industry because it is near IMT manesar. Property dealer rules rule here.
    I an trying to get GPS data and produce a film showing exactly whats going on


  7. milin kapoor

    THERE is a pil in the SC regarding the issue of section 4 in manesar and 6 & 7 in nearby areas, please contact MIWA manesar ( manesar industries welfare association) or the fertile land protection movement which has jointly filed this petition. MIWA has maps and GPS surveys which can become a standard for protection of fertile and endangered environment lands.

  8. milin kapoor

    We have got together people who care for this state and have filed a PIL before the P&H high court. Our endeavor, make the state planning bodies responsible for the impact assessment on environment and social impact studies.

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